About #ShopForT1# #ShopForT1# provides real-time T1 price quoting through its patent-pending GeoQuote technology, offering business shoppers a unique opportunity to access instant pricing and availability information for over 12 broadband data and voice service providers. #ShopForT1# also offers complimentary consulting from licensed and trained #ShopForT1# independent agents. These agents specialize in assisting customers understand the many telecommunications offerings and coordinate the sale of communication services that best meet their needs and budget requirements. The company's Web site is #website#. About Broadwing Communications LLC Broadwing Corporation (NASDAQ: BWNG) is the parent company of Broadwing Communications, LLC, an innovative telecommunications service provider, and Corvis Equipment Corporation, a developer of advanced optical networking equipment selling primarily to the U.S. Government. Broadwing Corporation was launched October 8, 2004, with the combination of Broadwing Communications, LLC, Corvis Corporation and Focal Communications. Corvis was founded by Dr. David Huber on June 2, 1997. Broadwing Corporation and Corvis Equipment Corporation are headquartered in Columbia, MD. Broadwing Communications is headquartered in Austin, TX. Other major operations centers include Reston, VA and Chicago, IL The company's Web site is www.Broadwing.com. "; if ($DisplayArticle == "Yes" || $DisplayArticle == "") { include "template.php"; } ?>